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TESTIMONIALS: Why we love Pottytunities!!

My family is so happy to be rid of expensive and wasteful diapers! Our daughter, Samantha, became confident really quickly with what we learned in the Tiny Potty Training Book. She was so proud of herself and really enjoyed the learning process. It was great as a parent to be able to lead and support her learning instead of bribing or scolding to get results. Kate was so helpful when we hit a couple little bumps in the road (the product of having a strong willed and independent 2 year old!) with suggestions and other ideas. Her feedback kept us focused and motivated to continue diaper free! Wish we would have started the process sooner! - Jessica

EC fell into our awareness shortly before our son was born. We began on day 2 after birth! My husband and I were sort of making it up as we went based on one podcast we had heard. Right around the time we started having more questions about how to continue along the EC journey, we met Kate.  After a couple easy suggestions we were back on track! I have attended various talks & workshops that Kate has offered and always walk away feeling more confident. We're so lucky to have someone in our community who is focused on spreading the awareness of Elimination Communication and Potty Training.  Thanks Kate for what you're sharing! - Poa

Kate's introductory class on potty training gave me the confidence I needed to jump into potty training with my then 20-month-old daughter. I had planned to wait until the summer after she turned 2 years old when she would be around 27 months old. That was what was more typical among my friend group, but my daughter was already really interested in the potty at home. The Tiny Potty Training Book provided the concrete steps that I needed to put my plan into action and talk with both my peers and my daughter's care providers to get their support. While I was worried that our daughter might not be verbal enough or physically strong enough to potty independently, she soon proved to me that she was capable. It was lovely to see her be proud of herself and be day time diaper free after a week of practice. Kate's class was eye-opening about what we consider norms and what children really are capable of! - Erin

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