How to potty train the pee-trained, but not poop-trained, child

Anyone out there feel like your child is halfway potty trained? This video responds to the question that many families posed to me in recent months: How do I get my child to poop on the toilet?

It seems like there are a fair amount of children who master the pee part of potty training, but struggle to truly finish potty training with regards to the poop part. When potty training drags out over many, many months, maybe even with some full on breaks from training mixed in, families and children get discouraged by the process.

My recommendation is you do the complete Potty Training Plan to master pooping on the toilet. If you have already potty trained, yes, it pretty much means going back to the beginning. BUT… you’re working with a child who has already mastered pee-training, and this knowledge and mastery will transfer to poop-training. The structure of and commitment to the Potty Training Plan is what your family needs to truly wrap up potty training.

If you never did a Potty Training Plan and you’re child naturally (and maybe easily) learned to pee on the toilet, have a little celebratory moment. You’re halfway there! Watch my video, learn about the importance of the Potty Training Plan and purchase The Tiny Potty Training Book by Andrea Olson, which will guide you through the process. Use the coupon code POTTYTUNITIES to save 15% on your order. You’ve got this!!

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