EC while feeding: an easy catch!

Does your baby eliminate (pee/poop) while nursing or feeding? A lot of babies consistently do. This video explains how to give your baby a pottytunity (or opportunity to potty) while feeding. It’s a simple and surefire method, and it doesn’t disrupt your baby from feeding. And it also is one less diaper you will need to change each time your baby feeds!

In the video I reference Andrea Olson’s blog post, “How to know when your baby needs to pee.”

Are you wondering where to purchase a top hat potty? Use the coupon code $5OFFUNDIES to save $5 off your purchase. Want to start elimination communication? Click on the “Ready? Enroll in the free email course” button. Select “under 18 months” to be enrolled in the course on elimination communication.

Please let us know if you found the video useful and share your experience if you use the top hat potty (or similar receptacle) with your EC’d baby. Thanks!

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