Mother of 2, Elimination Communication Practitioner, Potty Training Advocate


You can potty train now or later. But let's face it: you're going to have to potty train your child. Do you have a plan?

I’m Kate Falk, the founder of Pottytunities.

This potty training coaching business is a something I've wanted to offer to our community for years!

Potty training is something we all have to do as parents, whether we choose to start at birth, the three-year mark or somewhere in between.  Potty independence is a huge milestone, just like sleeping through the night, eating solids or walking.

If you are like most parents, you've got some doubts and/or worries about potty training and it doesn’t help that there are endless programs and philosophies to follow. Or that some of the parents who get their kids out of diapers before the age of two seem to wear halos. (I felt that way about the parents who got their babies to sleep through the night in the first year!!!)  

Guess what?  All the conflicting philosophies and the comparing to other children’s process and progress lead to self-doubt, which your child senses.  Which makes potty training much harder! Pottytunities, which translates to “opportunities to potty,” offers a variety of services to make your journey toward potty independence easier.  My goal is to educate and support you and provide accountability in the potty training process.

I got started on this potty training kick when I was pregnant with my first son, Anders, seven years ago.  My friend Kim told me about Elimination Communication, or EC for short, and showed me how her six-month old son peed over the toilet when she made the “pssss” sound.  I was intrigued and decided then and there that I was going to do EC with Anders from birth. Unfortunately, my high psych level did not translate into success. Sure I read a few articles about Elimination Communication before Anders’ birth, but I was neither knowledgeable or prepared when he arrived.  Managing a newborn was overwhelming, and I decided to put off starting EC until the summer. I found the Go Diaper Free book by Andrea Olson, read it from cover to cover and had the information (and community) to start EC with confidence. We started EC with Anders at four months… and the rest is history.  Knowledgeable about EC and much-more confident as parents the second go-around, we started Elimination Communication with Donovan at birth.

It’s hard to remember why I was attracted to EC at the beginning.  I’m guessing that it was the economics of it and environmental concern.  It was hard to beat saving a thousand dollars (at least!) by reducing our diaper consumption dramatically.  Additionally, I was thrilled to be throwing far fewer diapers in the landfill. Did you know that 20 billion disposable diapers end up in U.S. landfills each year?  These days, after having two potty independent boys and helping numerous other families achieve potty independence, I have to say that the most beneficial parts of potty training, at any age, are honoring the child’s hygienic needs and self-worth, building trust and fostering his independence.  Let’s just face it: there are a lot of good reasons to start potty training soon.

In the fall of 2016, I became a Go Diaper Free certified coach.  I started offering an Elimination Communication support group and doing a handful of consults.  Two years later, and Pottytunities is here! I am offering classes and workshops, support groups and one-on-one consultations.  Additionally, if you’re a DIYer, the website has a ton of resources and recommendations about how to get started and graduate to potty independence on your own.  Just imagine … a day without diapers. Kinda dreamy, huh?

Take a look at my live classes schedule or contact us to set up a private consultation today. 

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