Bank of Diapers

Jackson's Cloth Diaper Lending Program

What is Bank of Diapers?

Bank of Diapers is a cloth diaper lending program for low-income families in and around Jackson, Wyoming.

We lend gently-used cloth diapers to families who are interested in cloth diapering their baby, but cannot afford the hefty upfront investment.

Bank of Diapers is free for qualifying families.  

How does Bank of Diapers work?

Qualifying families receive enough cloth diapers to diaper their baby full-time.  Families are taught how to use, care for and launder the diapers so the diapers stay in good condition and can be used by multiple families.  Bank of Diaper families can keep the cloth diapers until the baby is 24 months of age.  Families can attend any of Pottytunities’ classes or support group meetings free of charge.  The classes and support group meetings will instruct and guide families though the full spectrum of toilet learning, covering topics such as Elimination Communication (EC) and more conventional potty training.  

The cloth diapers must be returned to Bank of Diapers when the baby reaches 24 months of age or if the family chooses to stop using them sooner.  This aspect of the lending program is crucial as cloth diapers can be used to diaper multiple children before they need to be retired.

Benefits of cloth diapers

Using cloth to diaper your baby has a variety of benefits. By using cloth diapers, you will:

save money (at least $1,000 if you use them full-time)

refrain from throwing roughly 7,000 disposable diapers into a landfill

reduce carbon footprint by using significantly fewer resources

eliminate your baby’s exposure to toxins, chemicals and allergens found in most disposable diapers

most likely potty train your child sooner and with less frustration

Do you qualify for Bank of Diapers?

You will need to show proof of need, which can be demonstrated by a WIC or food stamp card. If you do not have either, but cannot afford cloth diapers, please still apply and explain your circumstances.

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