Potty Training

DIY success steps for helping your child become potty independent

Start off on the right foot with Potty Training

So many parents postpone potty training because they don't know which approach to use AND they hope that one day it'll just click for their child.  Once in a great while, it clicks and you're off the hook for potty training.  Congrats to you!!  But typically, both you and your child need a structured potty training plan to succeed. The approach I teach is swift, yet sweet.  Follow the steps below to get informed.  If you're child is 18 months or older, he's ready. 

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    Step 1: Get the book

    This book presents The Potty Training Plan, which takes approximately 7 days, clearly and concisely, step-by-step.  Next, it teaches you how to get your child from potty trained to potty independent.  The book is available as an e-book or in paperbook.  Your purchase includes the audio book, a private support group on Facebook, a book owners’ website that offers videos and resources, and lifetime updates.  

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    Step 2: Sign up for the 4-week "Inform and Inspire" potty training email course

    You will receive a series of 4 weekly emails full of ideas and tips to jumpstart potty training.  Topics include how to embody a gentle, yet firm presence while potty training, why your child is ready to start today and some potty training history, which will give you the confidence to schedule your start date for potty training.

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    Step 3: Join the Facebook group for support

    Join the Go Diaper Free of the Tetons Facebook group.  Attend a support group meeting for Elimination Communication and Potty Training families.  Ask questions, troubleshoot and meet new people.  It helps to know others who are working toward potty independence!

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    Step 4: Click here to download the gear guide instantly

    Check out the recommended Gear List (undies/trainers, potties and children's books), which will make Potty Training easier for you and your child!

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    Step 5: Join our email list

    By joining Pottytunities' email list, you will receive how-to guides, troubleshooting tips and success stories. You will also be the first to know of discounts on recommended books and gear.  This is the easiest way to stay in the loop!

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