Elimination Communication

DIY success steps for helping your baby become potty independent

Get started with EC the right way

Elimination Communication is a Western term to identify how people have pottied their babies since the beginning.  Before there were diapers, when baby signaled that he needed to pee or poop, mom took him to the "toilet".  Baby communicated his desire to be clean and mom honored it. Trust and connection flourished.  In modern times, Elimination Communication decreases your reliance on diapers and saves you money, but more importantly, it helps you connect with your baby at a much earlier age.

Starting with Elimination Communication can seem overwhelming. How do I read my baby's signals?  How do I teach him to use the potty?  Here are the steps I used to get 2 kids out of diapers by the age of 2.

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    Step 1: Get the book

    This book tells you EXACTLY how to do Elimination Communication.  Reading it will give you the information and confidence to start EC.  (I intended to do EC with my first son from birth, but was totally overwhelmed and unprepared.  I read Go Diaper Free when he was a newborn and started EC shortly after.)  The book is available as an e-book or in paperbook.  Your purchase includes the audio book, a private support group on Facebook, a book owners’ website that offers videos and resources, and lifetime updates.  

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    Step 2: Sign up for the 4-week "Inform and Inspire" Elimination Communication email course

    You will receive a series of 4 weekly emails full of ideas and tips to start Elimination Communication.  Topics include how to learn your baby's signals, how to use diapers as a backup, part- vs full-time EC and the history of Elimination Communication - all which will give you the knowledge and confidence to begin EC.

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    Step 3: Join the Facebook group for support

    Join the Go Diaper Free of the Tetons Facebook group.  Attend a support group meeting for Elimination Communication and Potty Training families.  Ask questions, troubleshoot and meet new people.  It helps to know others who are working toward potty independence!

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    Step 4: Click here to download the gear guide instantly

    Check out the recommended Gear List (diapers, potties and clothing), which will make EC easier for you and your babe!

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    Step 5: Join our email list

    By joining Pottytunities' email list, you will receive how-to guides, troubleshooting tips and success stories. You will also be the first to know of discounts on recommended books and gear.  This is the easiest way to stay in the loop!

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